Change Perspective’s fulfillment house is Speaker fulfillment services. We use UPS for delivery of our products. All shipping and tracking information is supplied on 1 Shopping cart at time of check out.


Returns and refunds policy: as stated, if you purchase products from Change Perspective, and you do not enjoy the emotional and financial freedom that you expected, do not make as much from our methods as you expected, or indeed for any reason, you may claim a refund for the product within 30 calendar days of the purchase.

On a side note we do ask you to put the techniques into use before requesting a refund, for both our benefit: however, our refund policy is unconditional and this is a suggestion, not a requirement.

We are aware that some buyers will not achieve their personal goals despite our best efforts to the contrary, and we stand by our refund policy as such. Please forward your receipt number (given to you when you ordered) to us and we will action your refund request as quickly as possible, typically within 24 to 48 hours.